Behind the Lens

My name is Nicole Davidge and I am based out of Minden, Louisiana.
I create fresh, vibrant images that capture the essence of my subjects from portraits and landscapes to still lives and abstracts.
Whether you're looking for a simple portrait or need help with a large project, I would love to work with you.
I am happy to come to you, or invite you to visit my conveniently located area.

I am the person that always has a camera ready to capture every moment.
My friends have even joked that they don't have to worry about pictures if I am there.

I enjoy moments that show true emotion, whether it be laughing or crying or even a reaction to one's remarks. I believe the best way to capture one's true beauty is by encouraging them to be themselves. This, combined with my attention to detail, as well as an exceptional environment has the potential to enhance the beauty of my images.

I realized that I wanted to become a professional photographer after I took this image in 2009.

At Rosedown Plantation in south Louisiana, you can see the most stunning oak tress lining the driveway. After capturing this, I realized how much I love photography with a southern flare.
I believe there is a great value in documenting our lives and all things that make it worth living.
To me, our world is amazing, packed full of priceless moments in time, waiting for all of us to capture it in one way or another. I believe capturing these moments through progressive composition can add something to our lives by bringing to mind our most precious memories: those events in our lives that make up who we actually are.
This is why amateur and professional photographers are an important part of our world, recording images for our selves and future generations to enjoy. 

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